This is my first post so I guess a lot should be explained. I’ll try to cover everything I think is important, but there’s no rush to get it all at once, so stick around and I’ll explain myself properly eventually. First, I’m here because of a book called The Artist’s Way, there’s an exercise in there called the morning pages where you write for two pages. I assumed the author meant two hand written pages and I translated that to 300 words, so I try to write 300 words a day. I don’t always succeed at writing my morning pages, but I think doing them has been very good for my mental health, so I try to keep it up. I’ve someone recently opened up to letting my wife read my morning pages and it has been a positive experience and I’m currently starting to share more of my life with instagram and twitch, so I figured I would make my writings public as well. If someone wants to watching even a second of my life, there may be more of it they’re interested in and who am I to withhold what the people want. I guess that explains why I’m here, to explain what I write, it can be anything. Usually I will just recount what happened to me the previous day and add what my thoughts of the even were, but sometimes my mind won’t do that and it just starts in the middle of a fictional story. I’m just trying to type whatever comes to mind. To let you know a little about me, it’s complicated and you’re not going to get to know me better than through checking back in and reading my morning pages, following my instagram and watching my twitch stream. This is so weird, it seems a little un-human, but what other creature could do such a thing. We failed at making a machine into a man, so we’re trying to go the other direction.

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