Wet Dog

It’s a new morning, 6:45 am. I wonder if it’s going to be a strange day because I woke up at 6 because I’m still trying to reset the timer for the coffee, so instead of 6:25, it went off at 5:55. I let Winnie, my dog, out to pee then as well and laid back down but couldn’t sleep and had to go number two. I got up, did my thing and got ready to write this when I hear the dog barking. Shelley, my wife, let him out back because he threw up in his crate. It feels like a very eventful day that’s less than an hour old. Today I’m going to the woodworking school and we’re getting ready for our “Show and Sell” at the ChooChoo, so I’m expecting that we’ll be moving furniture and building mock rooms down there to display it in. It is raining pretty bad today so that will make it interesting. I’m going to bring my poncho and might as well bring and extra shirt. Yesterday I was getting a bunch of this social media stuff figured out. It’s been years since I was actually involved with any sort of online presence and these app change fairly frequently. I suppose they change frequently in small ways so the users don’t complain, but when you don’t use an app for over a year it’s like going to a new city, everything looks off and your old sense of direction doesn’t seem to work. I understand the apps keep making changes so that people are getting a new experience and they don’t get bored of coming back, but that is exactly my complaint about the tech world, and I suppose you could say it’s human nature. Facebook, instagram, twitter, they already do a thing they’re known for, there’s no need to add more. In fact I think a lot of companies see problems because they attempt to be a site for everything which of course means they get nothing right.

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