Budding Fall Flowers

Good morning, and it is a good morning for e at least. Of course I hope everybody is having a good morning. At least the people that didn’t have a good morning yesterday, I hope they are having one and to those who did have a good morning yesterday, whatever is probably fine for them. For me things are good. I got through the bulk of my interaction with the woodworking show. We had a lot to build yesterday because the venue(ChoCho) wouldn’t let us set up the showcase in advance, so we basically built 4-6 rooms yesterday to display the furniture in. At the end of the day I was happy with how much work I had done judging by how exhausted my body felt. I learned a good deal about construction yesterday too, so that was nice. I felt like the operation was poorly managed though. I want to talk to Justin, the student who is a retired Navy officer, what he thought about it from a leader’s perspective. I know I always overestimate what I’m capable of, but honestly when it comes to being a leader, I’ve never encountered a problem I couldn’t lead the group through. That’s why I would think if I knew what the plans were, I could have delighted people more effectively than yesterday was. Maybe there’s a future for me in construction management, I do like working alone though. I do think a fault of mine as a leader is great man syndrome, that I try to be the shinny example in so many different areas that when I’m gone, people don’t know where to turn, that’s why now I place a heavy emphasis on proper work delegation. After work, we went out for drinks to celebrate Shelley not quitting her job and Jess, her sister’s, birthday. I don’t know if woodworking has gotten me to come out of my shell more or I just don’t get out of the house enough but I was talking to anyone who came near me last night and basically dominated the conversations. I was just trying to tell some jokes and have fun and there were some people who were into it and told their jokes. I’d prefer to let other people shine, I’m just prepared to help out if they don’t want to. I hope I didn’t annoy anyone too much though.

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