I can’t believe we made it to November already. We’ve got a lot of 1’s in the date today. Yesterday ended up not being too weird of a day. We spent the first two hours of woodworking class talking about morals and religion I guess. I was talking with John Mark, so most conversations lean towards religion with him. I really let the guys know a lot about my personality with that conversation, so let’s hope they aren’t wielding pitch forks today when I show up. Other than that, the day was pretty normal, we moved a bunch of furniture into the ChoCho for the big show that starts today, so no idea what today will be like, I’ll actually be talking to the public, so that’s scary. Yesterday I also got better with the box planer so I squared up my ends for the tool box. I’d like to move forward but I have a feeling the show will put that on hold for a couple weeks. Hopefully the show brings in a lot of work for the school, so I’ll get to learn how to make all that beautiful furniture I moved. There was a table we moved, I asked Bill the director of the school how much it would cost in wood and he said around $600. It was a amazing table and I am making one as soon as I can because that price would be ridiculous. After school, Shelley’s sister came over, we had cupcakes and sang happy birthday to her. Then I was off to drawing. I’m happy that I’m posting on instagram because it helps push me to at least have something to post where I might not of drawn yesterday because I would say I was tired. Pretty much the same thing I do with weight lifting, but I want to make sure I’m lifting on school days as well. Another interesting thing happened at school where Bush sawed too far into his wood, he really beats himself up when he makes a mistake, and yeah I can see that I do the same thing with other aspects of life. When I see someone else doing it though, it really looks ridiculous to be so upset about something so small. I tried to talk to him about it, but I know he’s not going to want to talk in that moment and I have to be more subtle than, “Don’t beat yourself up.” I’m trying to figure out some way to help him.

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