Do I have your attention now?

My dog in the rain

I’m so sorry morning pages, I’ve turned you into an evening page today. I don’t have much time, my wife and I are going out to have a fire with another couple any minute and I’m trying to sneak this in while she gets ready. I’ve got so much to tell you that I could probably write for an hour, but if you’ve been paying attention by now you know that I’ve got an endless amount to tell you. If you’re reading this right now, I want you to know that this blog is a journey into the human soul, you won’t get this anywhere else in the world because most people aren’t even exploring their souls. I want you to though. 

Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Let your brain pause and don’t continue until it has been forced to give an answer. If you just said your name, try harder. What do you enjoy, what do you know you’ve tried and it isn’t for you. Do you like catching butterflies? Have you imagined your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with the detail that it deserves.

I just want you to know that I’m still here and I’m going to keep being here day after day until I get to the end of that rainbow. You should do the same, we’ll be stronger together. Sorry, here I have to shamelessly plug that you should follow me on any social media platforms you use, but it’s for that very reason. I push you, you push me and I won’t let you down. The reality of my situation when it comes to my battle with depression was my self worth is so low I don’t take care of myself, but if I’m taking care of someone else I will fight to the end of the world to make sure they’re safe. I’ll be able to fill you in on more of the details about my life this weekend, but just know you rock and I rock!

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