Slow and Steady

Holy monstera

I know I promised to get caught up on my life details and in this post my intention is to talk about fitness and gardening. Of course I’m always an artist and my writing is therapeutic for me, but I’ll try to stay on those two tracks for a minute. First the picture above is of my monstera adansonii, or swiss cheese plant. It is called that because as the leaves mature they develop holes and slits in them, well I noticed my monstera’s first holes! I can’t believe how excited I was when I saw them. I had been eagerly waiting for them to happen, it’s grown from a regular plant to officially swiss cheese. Yesterday was also the first real frost where we’re at in zone 7b of TN, USA. I was pretty afraid for my plants in the green house because while they do have that little protection, it was getting down below 30 degrees F and anytime we’re at freezing, I worry. I ended up moving the peace lilies inside because they have special meaning that maybe I’ll get into in the future and I don’t want to take any chances with them. If the rest of the plants die, I can rebuild, I’ve done it before. I don’t want to start from scratch though so last night I ran a space heater into the greenhouse. Hopefully this wasn’t bad for the plants as I didn’t want it to be too drastic with heat on them, but the low temp in the greenhouse last night was 42 degrees and I’m ok with that. The greenhouse is still a learning experience and heating is just another facet.

The other big news relating to fitness is I stepped on the scale today at 184.6 lbs! I’m 31 years old and I haven’t been below 185 since freshman year of high school. I was incredibly pumped by that this morning and it gave me an extra kick to have a great workout. You know ya boi was wearing a tank top today. I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished and how I look, over the moon with excitement. To give some more stats for where I’m at, I’m about 6’3” and over a couple years have coming down from 235 lbs. About a year ago I got to 190, then gained 10 lbs and sat their for awhile. It’s hard, and for me is a constant struggle, I love to eat, the food doesn’t even have to taste good, I’ll still lick the plate. Hunger has become my friend and this is where it bleeds into the rest of my life. A friend once shared this quote with me from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.” If I stay hungry I’ll work harder. If I want it, I’m coming to get it. 

I want to make sure to congratulate myself on my success and without taking away from that I have a goal of reaching 176 lbs, according to my calculations that should put me around 6% body fat. I’m so close now that I can’t give up. At this point every pound I lose reveals more definition and that helps drive me. Part of what caused my relapse at 190 lbs though was I felt close and I ramped things up; exercised more and ate less. Of course that burned me out. Now is the time to stay the course and not to lose sight of my goals.

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