Land for Lamb

Little worm friend

Good morning, the birds are singing and I’m technically awake. Today I feel like butt, we’re pretty high on the local pollen charts, so I’m sure that doesn’t help. Last night was rough, I was hungry, had a head ache, and a sleep paralysis dream. Those dreams essentially ruin an entire nights sleep, but I’m awake now. I might go to the possible farm location with my wife today. It will be good to start getting reactions for places from her. I know I’m picking this for me and it’s my toy, but we share a life together. I want her to like it as much as if I were to bring a new pet home. I may love the pet, but if it drives my wife crazy then it won’t work. I think the plot I’m looking at is in a good spot though another reason I want to take my wife there and largely why I married her is she will think of things that I won’t. When we work as a team opposed to on our own, we have new powers. This planned visit sort of came about because last night I asked her what I should do about the land idea. I don’t want to move forward on it if it makes her uncomfortable and she has many reasons to be uncomfortable right now. I’m not trying to rush things, but if the next step is for me to make a decision, I want to know. I know everything will work out, just like everything is working out now. I’m confident if my wife and I were stranded in a foreign country with nothing, we could get into a comfortable lifestyle in a couple of years. The process is finding the rules, learning the rules, and then committing to them. For people that are used to things being given to them, they never expend the energy to search out the rules in the first place.

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