A shoe! Excuse me

A robin landed across the yard right now. I’m writing this from inside the green house. I suppose he’s found some food in a terra cotta water dish. Of course there isn’t food inside the water dish, there’s water and he’s taking a bath. Watching birds is beautiful, all nature in fact, probably even allContinue reading “A shoe! Excuse me”

I call it monk mode

It’s late so I have to hurry. I wasn’t going to write this because I’m tired, I was sort of on vacation, and I spent all day driving. I have a number of reasons not to do it, but the reason I’m here is because writing this is healthy for me. That’s the same reasonContinue reading “I call it monk mode”

Self Timer

I got bubble tea today, and I only had to drive six hours to get it. I also went on a walk with my dog. It’s been surprisingly hard to walk at the beach. I understand that sidewalks would take away from precious beachfront realty, but if you build a society around one thing itContinue reading “Self Timer”

Masses miss my May material most

It’s bright and early, well not super early, but it’s still technically morning. This morning has been nice and relaxing. One of the nice effects of the crazy times has been feeling content to stay home and rest. The modern world is constantly a buzz telling us to see this and go there, but rightContinue reading “Masses miss my May material most”

Server time set to surf style

Yesterday felt like a super long day, but some how I couldn’t find the time to write. The day felt long in a good way in that we were always fulfilled. I mean, even if we were doing nothing more than listening to the wind, there was nothing we wanted. That’s sort of been theContinue reading “Server time set to surf style”

Can’t cling to me

We made it to the beach. The place we’re at is amazing, I really should have taken more pictures, maybe I will tomorrow. Probably not, but I’ll definitely take better photos of the water. I’m really excited to see the water tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll head out there tonight. Today was a travel dayContinue reading “Can’t cling to me”

Feel that freaky fern

Today was interesting, I’ve been feeling a little off since yesterday. Only about two inches off, yesterday I saw a hairy baby fern frond growing so I ran inside to get my macro lens for my camera. On the way inside, my right food landed on a step and then slid out of the flipContinue reading “Feel that freaky fern”

Good Beef Water

(Well, well, well) Today’s already been a pretty good day and it isn’t even lunch time yet. That’s what happens when I eat a proper breakfast. I got a bunch of reading done in my home building book, and I finished the chapter on framing a roof. Next I can learn how to finish aContinue reading “Good Beef Water”

Wet and wobbly wheel

I’ve been tired lately, I’m not taking very good care of my body. Mostly I’m not eating right, I’ll go most of the day without eating much of anything and then at night I’ll gorge myself. I’ve got nothing wrong with that routine in principle, but during the day I’ve got no energy to doContinue reading “Wet and wobbly wheel”

Let me take you away

To a place where the water always flows. A beautiful waterfall surrounded by life. To the art of stone placement and pattern. There’s a variety of stone sizes to use, when to use what size is an artistic choice. I need everything to be cohesive though. Ideas have to work together or else it feelsContinue reading “Let me take you away”