All hail troll toenail

I believe all the house stuff was solved yesterday, though we are still waiting to set a date to close. I mentioned before, why does the date matter, if the paper work is ready then send it over and we’ll sign it right now. This is the 21st century and we have to drive across town to sit in a specific room, have a notary look at our I.D.’s, all so we can sign a piece of paper. There’s no need to ever leave your house again from a physical stand point, the pandemic has proven that. DocuSign has boomed from all the work they’ve gotten in the past couple months. Notary is a dying job too. Right now we have online notaries, a notary will look at you holding up your I.D. through a webcam. Now let’s say that notary wasn’t a human, but a face recognition program. My phone already has that technology in it, so given that a person can’t open a program without it first authenticating my face and I can sign a document with my phone, that should be legal grounds to enter into a contract. Also, you can never tell me my signature isn’t valid, I’m the one who decides which of my signatures are valid. In fact no signature is valid, it symbolizes a “man’s agreement” that I will be true to my word. If a party member decides not to be true to their word, it’s the judge that decides what was valid and who is owed what. The judge is given that power by the people through election and subsequently the civilian muscled officers. A contract that isn’t brought in front of judge means nothing and a plaintiff who is never brought to court won’t be charged. That’s only the first 300 words that come to my mind when they mention moving the closing date.

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