Galactic scholastic, except it tanked

It’s bright and early, so I’m off to the race. Actually, I’m writing this early enough that it isn’t bright outside yet. I’m sure the sun will pop out eventually, what are the odds Mr. Sun decides to take a day off? How would we even measure the day? Anyway, I got some stuff sorted out with mortgage people. I don’t know if I’ve been locked away from the public so long that I forgot what people are like, but it felt like no one had a clue what they were doing. There’s been an issue for days that we were given a report for the house and submitted that to the bank. The bank representative kept saying they more, so I got fed up and called the bank to find out what they need. After two hours of being passed around on the phone someone was finally able to tell me the form number the bank wanted. Yay, I got the information, so I pass it to our agent and he called the company that issued the report. They claim the report we handed in days ago is in fact the same form number. This is why I can’t live in the normal world, for me it’s all do or die.
Speaking of not living in the normal world, I wanted to take a moment to announce my intention to be taking Sundays off from posting anything online. It gives me time to recharge and catch up on anything if I need to, but more importantly I’ll have a day where all my thoughts are kept to myself. The more of my consciousness I put online, the more I worry about a program trying to simulate me. I’m still going strong with the podcast, Being Chris Cooper, and if you like this content, you should really give that a follow. When speaking I can provide way more information for the machines learning me.

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