Celestial Symbol

I saw a pretty flower today, it was orange, no pink. It’s funny how we can make up our own reality, that’s probably an idea that social media preys on. I saw some people want to hold the big social media companies accountable for promoting hatred by pulling ads. “I didn’t read the article.” A common phrase heard today. Everyone knows people don’t read the articles, so news is now found in the headlines. I’ve blamed Twitter for this in the past, though it’s not twitters fault for the character limit, that was the limit of technology. Texting was Twitter before they blew up, regardless, character limits on a message led to people regularly reading dozens of 140 character messages instead of a couple pages of one story. What I regret most about the digital age is how it crept up on us, I was a kid growing up in it, so I don’t feel that bad. That last sentence also refers to everyone growing up and culture shifting with time, so perhaps we should all abandon regret for lessons learned instead. What I learned from the digital age is you have to be vigilant towards outside sources effecting our selves. Also, pulling ads from Facebook is like saying you don’t like the water from the river, so you’ll dig a well; you’ll be getting a lot less water and it doesn’t stop the river from flowing. Facebook has over two billion users, taking into account that they aren’t in China, that’s somewhere between ⅓ and ¼ the global population in one place. You want to talk about a super computer or real AI, that’s these companies, how can one person or even an army of thousands shut down an organization that serves billions. Humans no longer control computers, we’re just along for the ride.

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