Shimmering Silver Stream

My week is coming along swimmingly. I feel like I’m starting to hit my steps with the podcast. There’s definitely a fear to it, I described it as similar to being in a fight and after I’m done I’m grateful for getting through unscathed. I like fighting though, so I get excited to go back in the ring. When I release these words from my head to the page or the microphone, it frees up space to where it feels like I hooked up another battery to my brain. Overclocking myself can dangerous, so I have to be properly resting and eating, but it’s a bit of a new lease on life. I’ve got freedom to be myself somewhere in this world. Mary was actually saying that this is probably the most people close to me have heard from me, that the person she knows is different than my public persona. I have to make myself boring to fall in line, but now I’m entertainment and I know how to be entertaining. Look how my loose lips lol lines like licked lollies. Which reminds me, I’ve started reading Paradise Lost again, it may be the only but more likely it’s the best epic poem written in english. Mastery of language can treat a person’s mind like a roller coaster, brought along for climbs and drops, twists and turns, all while keeping the reader safely on the ground. The nice part about me creating with words is it motivates me to read more great literature, but for art as a whole I’ve become more receptive since I’m trying to figure out how can I use newly acquired information to improve what I’m doing. I don’t care what I’m creating, I want to do it the best I possibly can and at this point I’ve figured out a routine for how I learn. Maybe you’ve heard people talk about “flow” in work, that’s sort of what I meant with adding a battery. Because I have a better understanding of how I work efficiently, I provide that, and I seem to be spending more of each day in a state of flow, it’s a beautiful feeling.

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