The deed is won

It’s over, if all goes well I’ll never have to buy a house again. Yesterday wasn’t terrible, there was some last minute stress because the bank hadn’t spoken to the title company or sent over the paperwork. Literally 90 minutes before we signed the papers is when the bank finally said we were in the clear. The people that worked at the title company kept saying our bank is good for just about everything, but when it comes to mortgages they make you work for it. I believe them too because I’ve never had a complaint with my bank before all of this and it honestly felt like they were playing games with us by the way they acted. That’s all in the past now and it can’t hurt me. I own land, that’s the important part. As soon as I can I’ll start collecting rainwater and put some fruit trees in the ground. I’m also going to slow down and relax, I need to unwind. The uncertainty and inability to do anything with the paperwork got me tied up in knots that will take some time to loosen. Moving forward into moving, for the next couple days I’ll be moving thing. Instead of taking this stuff to our new place, I should drive it out to the dump, am I right? There’s only about two small bins of stuff that hasn’t been touched since our last move. I have a rule that if I put something into storage when I move into a place and it hasn’t left by the time I move again, then that stuff was trash that I should’ve thrown away, but the bins we have are old pictures and papers. Where do we go from here? Up, the sky is the limit, well the limit is about 40 feet or however tall a mature walnut tree gets.

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