Stuttered on the studded

Finally I can unhinge my bones. Taking the day off on Sundays is rejuvenating. I also had to take Saturday off from the podcast because the house we’re currently in isn’t big enough to do audio only entertainment while people are home. That’s fine, I usually need to take more time to rest than IContinue reading “Stuttered on the studded”

Galactic scholastic, except it tanked

It’s bright and early, so I’m off to the race. Actually, I’m writing this early enough that it isn’t bright outside yet. I’m sure the sun will pop out eventually, what are the odds Mr. Sun decides to take a day off? How would we even measure the day? Anyway, I got some stuff sortedContinue reading “Galactic scholastic, except it tanked”

Expensive Thrills

As closing for the house approaches, once again all these people who buy and sell houses for a living are running around like chickens with their heads cut off having no idea what to do. They move dates around like what day a piece of paper gets signed matters or because they need so manyContinue reading “Expensive Thrills”

Reality Reigns

This morning is a wet one. I find rain most often happens while I’m asleep, but today was a good pattern. The rain started shortly after I woke up, this isn’t the best pattern mind you because I struggle to get work done during the rain. Ideally the rain would start around noon and lastContinue reading “Reality Reigns”

Good Beef Water

(Well, well, well) Today’s already been a pretty good day and it isn’t even lunch time yet. That’s what happens when I eat a proper breakfast. I got a bunch of reading done in my home building book, and I finished the chapter on framing a roof. Next I can learn how to finish aContinue reading “Good Beef Water”

Wet and wobbly wheel

I’ve been tired lately, I’m not taking very good care of my body. Mostly I’m not eating right, I’ll go most of the day without eating much of anything and then at night I’ll gorge myself. I’ve got nothing wrong with that routine in principle, but during the day I’ve got no energy to doContinue reading “Wet and wobbly wheel”

One Per Sin Perspective

We made an offer on a house today! What an exciting time to be alive. I also went to a Target today and I felt sick the moment I walked into the store. The first thing I sea is a flood of people. I know I want no part of them, then I hear someoneContinue reading “One Per Sin Perspective”

Hear Clear Space

We just returned from another visit to the house we’re interested in. It still looks pretty good, we only saw the outside I feel better about it now that we’ve taken time to slowly walk around and look. Our vision leaves out so much information that our brains normally think isn’t important, like an electricalContinue reading “Hear Clear Space”

Stay away stagnation

At some point in the afternoon yesterday I started to think how it would make sense to find a house with the same quality of the place I live at now, but with two or more acres. I don’t know what spurred on the tangent, maybe thoughts that I would be happy owning the propertyContinue reading “Stay away stagnation”