Holy Holiday

Good morning, I’ve got most of the small stuff out of the house and we’ll have some movers help with the furniture. Tomorrow the internet gets switched over to the new place and we’ll quickly follow. Then we can begin “unpacking” because right now I’ve been hauling loads over and dumping stuff in whatever cleanContinue reading “Holy Holiday”

Unsightly Sightseers

I feel a lot better after taking my day off. Before the house, my energy tends to run out by Fridays, so with all the extra running around I crashed hard on Saturday. I may have had a migraine, but my body was exhausted and I hadn’t been eating. If you didn’t know already, theContinue reading “Unsightly Sightseers”

Who knows how the flow goes

This is just hunch, but I may not be as young as I used to be. I’ve began moving into the new house and when I woke up this morning, my whole body was sore. There’s an initial fear when I wake up and my back is hurting, that fear says, “You can’t do whatContinue reading “Who knows how the flow goes”

The deed is won

It’s over, if all goes well I’ll never have to buy a house again. Yesterday wasn’t terrible, there was some last minute stress because the bank hadn’t spoken to the title company or sent over the paperwork. Literally 90 minutes before we signed the papers is when the bank finally said we were in theContinue reading “The deed is won”

Te amo

My dad was in the hospital recently, so I’m going to think about that idea. If you’re reading this, I love you and I hope you’re feeling better. To my knowledge, I never wished for someone else to be my father. You’ve done a great job because I’m fully capable of taking care of myselfContinue reading “Te amo”

Latch that hatch

I was going to start packing up my truck today for the move, but the weather is supposed to be rainy the next couple days. The rain will make things interesting. I’ve got a massive tarp and sheets of plastic, so hopefully nothing gets too wet during the move, but I won’t push my luckContinue reading “Latch that hatch”

Light Bright Might

We got the final piece of paperwork in, hopefully, and should be home owners soon. More importantly land stewards. I like the idea of “stewards of the land” because there’s a reminder not to abuse the land, or to avoid leaving it in a worse condition than we found it in. Oh, the AC inContinue reading “Light Bright Might”

Day dream through nightly news

Looks like the AC is going to need some repairs, but in the meantime the landlord gave us a mobile AC unit to at least put in the bed room. I remember listening to someone talk recently and they were saying in the Summer, it was common that people would sleep on their porch, fireContinue reading “Day dream through nightly news”

Hi Ho Sky Drone

I’m feeling good today, I already got my run in and I’m ready to greet life as the shinning sun I am. It’s been hot, boi I tell ya, so hot our AC unit may be struggling. We’ve got the ceiling fans on though and I like that. I usually prefer to not have ACContinue reading “Hi Ho Sky Drone”

Aye Brah, go Ham

Oh boi, 4th of July 2020. What can you say? Well I’ll start by saying I think America is awesome. As Rousseau pointed out, the origin of inequality was when one man staked out a square of land for himself and everyone believed it. Of course a person who lives, as Jefferson put it, threeContinue reading “Aye Brah, go Ham”