Sat on me clue for key

This is the story of how one man became a king. He sought his own kingdom, one that refused boundaries drawn by other men. Everything created by man will turn to dust, but we’re all gifted with a spirit. This character we portray and don’t want to act in opposition to. What would happen ifContinue reading “Sat on me clue for key”

Mesmerizing Seismographing Photorealizing

Oh boi, a journey of a thousand miles starts with tying your shoes. Actually it would start with making a packing list of what you’ll need to get there. Before that it would be helpful if you knew where the journey was going to end so you can figure out what is needed. Researching landContinue reading “Mesmerizing Seismographing Photorealizing”

Sure she should show shocked shots

I suppose my day started like any other, jolted awake by the sound of thunder. I don’t understand why we have thunder and lightning, can’t we say the sound of lightning. We’ve gotten so much rain this year, I don’t know how to feel about it. I love the rain, but it’s like partying inContinue reading “Sure she should show shocked shots”

Tulips Today, Mulch Tomorrow

We’re pattern recognizing machines(PRMs). I suppose the most in vogue direction to take that is that an ability to see patterns allowed us to recognize and remember what plants will kill us and which make us feel good. There have also been some stories about the plants that make us feel real good. In theContinue reading “Tulips Today, Mulch Tomorrow”

Early Rising for Easy Raving

Were that these writings be a journal or an exercise in creativity. I supposed they’re just a place for me to dump an overflow of thoughts. I did some stretching last night that I would like to make routine. The idea being similar to this writing, that I move my muscles and it pushes anyContinue reading “Early Rising for Easy Raving”

A Piece of Myself

Lot of 2’s in today’s date. Speaking of which, 2 things I learned from BEN(Boss Executive Neighbor) today was that I need to pay attention to the big picture values and the other was that I should be spending more time learning from him. Ok so I showed him my most recent painting and heContinue reading “A Piece of Myself”

McDonald’s is great

I was talking to my old friend Thunderclap today and boi did he let the truth fly. Get this, he told me that professional philosophers are rarely if ever significant philosophers. I’m sure there’s some sort of grey line and what comes to mind is the idea that often philosophers will have a preface toContinue reading “McDonald’s is great”

Loosen Rigidity

Rubberband man can’t stand. His bones have turned to gelly and he’s cascading to the ground. Concentric circles forming a rubber volcano. I feel like that last sentence needed a primer to hibachi because I’m thinking of when they stack the onion rings and make it shoot steam. I saw my therapist today. I supposeContinue reading “Loosen Rigidity”

May his words flow through me

Today I wanted to talk about doing little things for yourself and how it builds momentum in life. My friend Jerome asked me a question about what feels like painful cycling form. I told him the first thing I would check is tight hamstrings. If your hamstrings are too tight, it could really mess withContinue reading “May his words flow through me”

There has probably never been a human as brilliant as I

I’m writing this with music in my ears, so I thought my train of thought might be a bit sporadic. I then realized, that’s every time I write. The music is Bach’s mass in B minor. It’s honestly wild that this sort of stuff exists and that it’s no longer the height of culture. IContinue reading “There has probably never been a human as brilliant as I”