A rolling stone gathers no moss

This is my last morning pages, I don’t know if it’s my last forever, but I have no plans to use my website again after I post this. I did want to say Thanks to the people that came by regularly. This was an activity for me to get energy out because I couldn’t doContinue reading “A rolling stone gathers no moss”


I’m feeling a little sick this morning, it was probably from snacking late at night and my body struggling to digest it while I’m asleep. I expected to need some sort of rest because I’ve been going pretty hard lately, so that’s fine and I’ll give my body what it needs. Feeling sick makes meContinue reading “Yeehaw”

Brick and mortars are being bricked and mortared

We heard from the appraiser for the new place yesterday. Everything is looking good and we’re pretty much done, only need a few more signatures. First, owning a place is huge to me, even if I only owned a patch of dirt. I would be happy if I was only buying the dried up pondContinue reading “Brick and mortars are being bricked and mortared”

One Per Sin Perspective

We made an offer on a house today! What an exciting time to be alive. I also went to a Target today and I felt sick the moment I walked into the store. The first thing I sea is a flood of people. I know I want no part of them, then I hear someoneContinue reading “One Per Sin Perspective”

Texans Attack Taxes

Good morning pages, I’ve got a big plate of eggs and am ready to do some self exploration. I think yesterday I mentioned I was reading The Invention of Peace and I’ve been continuing along with that. My ultimate question in life is, “Who am I?” that way I can figure out what I amContinue reading “Texans Attack Taxes”

Early Rising for Easy Raving

Were that these writings be a journal or an exercise in creativity. I supposed they’re just a place for me to dump an overflow of thoughts. I did some stretching last night that I would like to make routine. The idea being similar to this writing, that I move my muscles and it pushes anyContinue reading “Early Rising for Easy Raving”

Not till the appropriately sized woman sings

Tomorrow will be a good date. 2’s and 0’s flying all over the place. Today went really well. The exercise Ben started me out on was thought provoking. As I was leaving he said, “Sometimes it’s harder to figure out what needs to change than it is to change it.” Then he mentioned Yoda. NowContinue reading “Not till the appropriately sized woman sings”

From Pharaoh to Frying-pan

It’s morning, my wife said she didn’t understand what I was saying yesterday. When I feel like I’m making the most sense seems to be when I’m at a loss. I’m trying to think about my word choice more selectively. Its possible I’ll get lost down my own rabbit hole. When tripping I say everyoneContinue reading “From Pharaoh to Frying-pan”

Every Word Counts

All kidding aside, I’m trying to be grown up about this. Serious solutions surrender themselves to soldiers of salvation. When the sun reaches it peak, it’s job is only half done. Day is only half of a day, and night has its own beauties. A tree will grow in the night or day according toContinue reading “Every Word Counts”