Amor Fati

Today I’m 32 years old. That seems crazy to say, I’m just a kid. I remember sitting on my parent’s front stoop grinding Ritz crackers on the concrete to make them square, and only last year I ate dirt for fun. Being in my thirties makes me an adult, how did this happen? I’ve beenContinue reading “Amor Fati”

From Binos to Ginos

When I was younger, sleep was one of my favorite activities and now it gets in the way of me being able to do actual activities. There’s never enough hours in the day and there’s even less wick to burn per day. Sleep is needed to be able to greet the next morning. I hadContinue reading “From Binos to Ginos”

Te amo

My dad was in the hospital recently, so I’m going to think about that idea. If you’re reading this, I love you and I hope you’re feeling better. To my knowledge, I never wished for someone else to be my father. You’ve done a great job because I’m fully capable of taking care of myselfContinue reading “Te amo”

100 Follower Special

I need to say thank you, to anyone who reads this, I think you’re really cool. Yesterday my blog got 100 followers. That is a milestone, not that I know what it means, but it’s like I woke up in the passenger side of a car and saw the mile marker for 99.6 I’m goingContinue reading “100 Follower Special”

Allergies allegedly grieve a great alligator

Yesterday I got a message from my first best friend. He fell into hard drug towards the end of high school and I hadn’t talked to him since then, but he’s good now. I don’t know what to make of it all. First thing he did was apologize for the way things went. I understandContinue reading “Allergies allegedly grieve a great alligator”

Life’s Knot Fare

I don’t want to be a downer or sound like I’m complaining, especially after what I said yesterday. To be clear I love life, being alive is one of my top 10 favorite activities. I stop to smell the roses, I dance when I hear a catchy tune, but that doesn’t mean there’s an easyContinue reading “Life’s Knot Fare”

Early Rising for Easy Raving

Were that these writings be a journal or an exercise in creativity. I supposed they’re just a place for me to dump an overflow of thoughts. I did some stretching last night that I would like to make routine. The idea being similar to this writing, that I move my muscles and it pushes anyContinue reading “Early Rising for Easy Raving”

That cloud looks like a bluejay

I’m afraid this morning page has a bit of a prompt, I wanted to write about how much I love my wife and was thinking that it would be fun to go through Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs as jumping off points for what she gives me. I do worry though that maybe I love herContinue reading “That cloud looks like a bluejay”