Happy Monday

My growing wood collection

Today is supposed to be veterans day so I figured I should talk about that. I probably have just as many conflicting emotions on the topic as the average American. Obviously I don’t want wars or people to be hurt. I want the quality of life I have for everyone and if that group has to be narrowed, then I’d want it for every American and accept that steps have to be taken in order to keep this ship afloat. They’re usually ugly steps. I subscribe to the belief that one of the core ideas of capitalism is that in order for one person to make money, someone must not be paid their worth or is over paying for a good/service. This is not a rant on politics, but merely saying you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. What about when those eggs are people?

It’s tough, for some people it changes the situation and for some it doesn’t. For me, I just wanted to be a soldier. I didn’t think about any thing more than that when I joined, I was 17, my world was pretty small. I remember cartoons and stories about king Arthur and the knights of the round table. I wanted to be a knight, well I wanted to be king but that’s a highly competitive position so I’d settle for a knight. Leading comes pretty natural for me, but I’ve said before that I wanted to be great, so a great knight or soldier as an individual. A king can be judged by his people. 

Honestly, the Army was that simple for me. I like fighting and action, I was born in America so that’s the side I fought for. It really wasn’t until I got out that people exposed me to wider ideas of war and to the second and third effects of my service. Which you know, what am I supposed to do about it by that time. Yeah it’s wrong for the military to recruit children, but it’s wrong to persecute a person all their life based on the decision they made at 17. Most people don’t say more than, “Thank you for your service” especially now that I live in the South, but I’ve been called a murder by people that knew nothing about what I’ve done, these were friends too.

All I’m trying to promote is that people take care of themselves and the others we share this life with. If you can extend that reach around the world, that’s great, but if not, at least don’t hurt those near to you. You may be right from a philosophical sense, but the smartest person in the world stands alone on a pile of ashes.

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