This Just In

I’m feeling much better now, it felt nice to take some time to relax and reflect on what I’m doing in my life right now. I wanted to write this because as I was thinking about my earlier post two things came to mind. I hope people don’t ever feel, “Woe is me.” I’m know I’m very blessed. One of those blessing I wanted to talk about individually.

When I express feelings of pain like being limited by depression, I’m trying to examine it from a third person point of view. I think the human body is so interesting that the slightest inclinations in consciousness should be studied, so saying, “I wish I wasn’t like this” is not me complaining about my life. I’m so lucky to be in a position where I am afforded the time to think about these things and to have a mind that can. I am not homeless and I have someone who loves me. A couple people who love me enough that I could probably live with them if need be, so by my standards I have it made in the shade. Exploring these feelings, how they effect our lives and who we one day become is part of what I do as an artist. I guess this is just the best medium I’ve found to share these thoughts. I hope they’re valuable.

Where I wanted to shine the spotlight for a minute is my wife. She is amazing, she puts up with me acting this way. I owe her the world, that’s the biggest factor of why I want to recover because I want to be more, so that I have more to offer her. I don’t think I would put up with someone that acted like me. Everyday I’m living in a fairy tale with her. I love you very much honey, thank you for all that you do for me and the pup.

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