The Earth Says Hello

My favorite bonsai, I started this one from seed almost 4 years ago

Good morning world, doesn’t the air taste amazing today! I’m not that chipper, but my spirits are much higher. I have this habit where once I’ve been around someone long enough that they see my depressed side, I then run away and hide from them. It’s embarrassing for people to see me like that because I know that’s not the real me. It’s like if you ever had a family member or friend that can be a disgusting or rude person and you have to bring them around other people. I have little control over what that person says and does, they just come around to mess stuff up every once and awhile. I suppose I should read Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde sometime because that is my Mr. Hyde, maybe it can give me some inside on living with the monster inside. Along those lines I felt like I learned a lot of those lessons from Frankenstein which was also a pretty fun read if anyone is looking for a book this Winter. I made a second post yesterday because I think the things I say can seem pretty scary, but they’ve become normal to me. When I first thought I might have PTSD I was reading the VA’s definition of it and under suicidal thoughts, it was describing what I was going through basically every hour of my life. That really shook me for a bit because I assumed it was normal and everyone else was thinking that way too. Now I know it’s not normal, so I work to improve it and that acknowledgement I feel helps in preventing the lows from being so low. I don’t want someone who doesn’t think like this to read my thoughts and feel they need to take action. To go back to the plane analogy, my average altitude is lower than most people’s, but it’s usually pretty steady and I’m rising. That’s good with me.

I added some pages to my blog. I don’t know how people are interacting with this, but at least on my home page I’ve added a section for Art and Garden. Art has some photos of paintings or drawings I’ve done that I’m pleased with how they turned out. The Garden section is pictures of my plants. As I was gathering pictures for that section I realized the ratio for pictures of plants to plants I own is stunningly low, so I’ll took a bunch yesterday and I’ll share them here then there. It’s a shame because we’re entering Winter and the plants aren’t putting on as much of a show as they were a month ago. We’ll see what Spring brings and I’ll take some more then, but if you’d like to look at some pretty things, I’d be pleased as punch for you to check them out.

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