Bout to Chisel Some Wood

My first adult painting

Good morning pages, it’s before woodworking and I’m eating breakfast. I’ve got a nice big bowl of steamed carrots, sure wish these were steamed hams though, or is it clams? Anyway not much going on with me, since my dip earlier this week I’ve been thinking about what my time really needs to be spent on and what goals are important to me. Social media is important to an artist because it allows their stuff to be seen by a massive audience, but that shouldn’t be my concern yet. Right now I want to work on being able to make the best art possible. In fact it hardly matters at all if anyone sees my art. I was looking at the pieces I posted here in the Art section of my page and was incredibly proud that I was ever able to do those things. A couple years ago I couldn’t paint, I couldn’t draw. Now, there’s a couple of paintings that after I finished I thought, “I can stop painting now, this is what I wanted to accomplish.” 

I got so happy about what I’ve done in the past and how far I’ve come that I went digging through my closet and found the first painting I did around 6 years ago. It was before I knew I couldn’t draw. I just thought I would make this idea and it would be pretty, it is pretty, but there’s a realistic style that I wanted. Beyond that, if you look at my portraiture and maybe it’s not as visible as looking at the portraits of a master, but the skin has a certain glow even though it’s a painting. I think that glow is the most beautiful thing and chasing the sight of that beauty is what pushes me to be a better artist

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