Lose Weight at a Moderate Pace with these not so Simple Tricks

Quick selfie so you know what I’m working with

I woke up this morning and got right out of bed, now that leaves me with a little extra time that I’m not used to. I have to kill about 15 minutes because I don’t want to eat my breakfast yet. I’m sure it wouldn’t matter much, but it’s a psychological thing with me at least that if I eat earlier than I’m “supposed to” that I will run out of fuel earlier in the day. Then I’d most likely have to eat more than my diet plans. I should discuss my diet plans. You might already know my goal is to lose 10 lbs. I’m about 50 lbs down from my heaviest. 

Fitness is always something I’ve been into since I was a kid, from my first weight loss plan around 16 years old. Everyone in my family is heavy set and obviously at that age you’re thinking about your looks a lot. Every year I was getting heavier and it was as if I had no control over it. Then I started to learn and take control. It all started with high school biology. My teacher was explaining the different energy storage systems your body has, that if the immediate storage was depleted the body would have to burn fat for energy. I devised a plan where everyday at 7 pm I’d throw on some DVDs of the show Futurama and ride an exercise bike. For the first 4 minutes I would go all out, then comfortably ride until 10 minutes, then at every 10 minute interval I would go all out for 2 minutes(this was to keep that immediate storage empty because the body will replenish it. I still didn’t know anything about diet, but it worked, people started to notice my weight loss and my family looks at me as, “he’s always been skinny”. In the fitness industry, what I was doing later became known as High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT.

To move ahead in the story a bit, I joined the Army and was physically active there. Then got a B.S. in Kinesiology(exercise science) and got my ACSM personal trainer certification. I say around 27 years old my metabolism slowed down significantly and that’s when I got to my heaviest weight of 235 lbs. I probably lost about 30 lbs of that with diet alone, it’s a much more powerful tool at weight loss than exercise. I used to have an excel spread sheet with different food items to track calories. Then I was at a 1,000 calories daily deficit which if followed means 2 lbs of weight loss a week. 

I’m currently on a 500 daily deficit because it’s easier and you shouldn’t lose more than 1% of your body weight a week, since I’m under 200 lbs, I lose less than 2 lbs. I now use an app called Lose It(not sponsored) that my wife introduced me to, it makes tracking calories incredibly easy compared to what I was doing. Like nearly everyone, I’ve always wanted visible abs probably because the TV told me I should look that way. I’m hoping to get down to 175 in the next 17 weeks because my wife and I have a vacation to Cancun planned and it would be a good finish line. If you want to take any of this as advice to help you in your goals, please do and if you have any fitness related questions feel free to reach out.

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