Twist Ending

Look I’m tired and don’t feel like writing this, but if I don’t do it now then I might not do it at all today. It’s about 4 pm and I just got back from woodworking class. A lot could be going on in my world, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out. I don’t mind any change ups, my one friend just suggest moving to new york city, I never really considered it because I was so happy to leave the North, but I don’t know, I could see a lot of positives to it. It would certainly make being a professional painter easier. For a strange reason I don’t feel like thinking about my life. Nothing wrong just you know it’s what I do 24/7. I’ll think about Jacob, a fictional person. 

Jacob got fired from his job at the factory last month. He was a tester for Chinese finger traps. He kept getting caught in them as they came down he conveyor belt constantly causing an I Love Lucy scenario. Now that his fingers and days are free he drives down to the lake and drinks until he passes out. Three times this week he’s been woken up by the cops at dusk when they have to kick him out. He’ll probably get his life together, I’m sure there’s plenty of opportunities in the world for a man that is willing to stick his fingers in traps. Maybe his next job will have insurance so he can get the carpal tunnel checked out that developed from years of having his fingers squeezed on. If you want to make big money in this world you have to be willing to take on big risk, but maybe Jacob isn’t cut out for the corporate world.

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