Weather Report

Good morning pages, I’m hanging out in my studio working on origami. I made a paper crane to give to my little when we meet and when I was talking to a friend he mentioned a truth I was trying to avoid. That I need to have the technique memorized in case he wants me to show him how to make one. On top of that, you have to know at least 3 things to make because a kid is going to say, “Make something else.” I told him that’s the same reason I had to learn a bunch of Eminem raps because once I learned one, I had to be ready for people to say, “Do another.” 

My wife walked in the room and I talked with her a bit, so I’ve lost that train of thought. Not much else to talk about honestly, it’s the weekend and I have to be treating the weekend as a time of nothing but rest because otherwise I will crash during the week. My goal is to be able to do focused work 5 days a week. I know it sounds weird and may be hard to understand but I want to be like a normal working person. I’ve actually got to do a bunch of things to start transitioning painting as a hobby to a profession. I don’t want to talk about that too much here because it’s just listing things I need to do. It’s exciting but there’s no rush on any of that so I need to stay relaxing since it’s the weekend and save work for the work time.

It’s raining here this morning. I love the rain, when I was a kid I used to get bundled up and put a chair on the front lawn so I could sit and watch the rain. Now I have my green house and if it’s till raining, I’m going to go hang out there. I hope you’re all doing well. Keep your chin up because all clouds must past and we’re all in this world together.

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