Wow, This is a Great Article

Morning pages, I am so pumped to be writing to you today because last night I learned the secret to untapping an unlimited source of power that resides in every human being. The power is going to seem to be in different amounts for different individuals but that’s only because the individual puts a limit on themselves. The number one problem people suffer from is that they set their goals too low. I know what you’re going to say, “I know a person who does nothing but dream and they never go anywhere.” Well the number two problem is that they don’t plan a road map to achieve those goals. The third big one is not committing, but before that, I want to go back to number two. I know tons of people and I’d say most people fall in this category, that they live well structured lives and steadily move up accomplishing their goals. They don’t seem to be struggling in this procedure. Maybe they don’t want to take on any struggles in their life and that’s fine, but I believe the human being is shinning at it’s brightest during a struggle. Fighting or hunting is built into our DNA, this also contributes to “the sky is falling” attitude so many have taken on and is exacerbated by the digital age. We are looking for a challenge and when the lives we build around ourselves are too comfortable the brain will create a narrative that something awful is just around the corner. We can take control of our lives by choosing what mountains to climb. That’s how the unlimited source of energy is released, you realize that so much time was wasted and the body wasn’t really recharging like a device. Humans are special, there’s no telling what limits we can reach. Think about it, no where in history is someone pointed at and said, “This is the best a person could be?”, “This is the most passionate”, or  “They were the limit for courage”. Everyday is an opportunity to make your life better and subsequently make a better world.

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