Oh Happy Day

I figured yesterday that since my name is Drawing My Life Away, I should probably be sharing more photos of drawings. I’d mentioned before that I’d like to share more photos in general, but the plants aren’t doing much these days. Actually it’s more like I’m keeping an eye out for any plant that is obviously suffering and then I move it indoors, but I don’t know if I want to take pictures of sad plants. Maybe I will because one of the things I don’t like about media is only the best and beautiful are shared and I’m trying to be genuine. This is real life, I’ve got to learn what plants can handle what environments and unfortunately some plants are going to die in that process. Along the lines of the gritty truth, the drawings I decided to share are of my random sketches. Remember I’m trying to keep my pencil moving for as much of the day as I can, so that leaves me with these pages of things that I normally wouldn’t show anyone. If you want to following me on instagram at drawingmylifeaway124 there are pictures of what I’d call cleaner drawings. That’s where I post the focused work that I do to improve my skill, right now I’m just copying drawings from Bridgman. I guess that’s all I have to say to explain posting more pictures of drawings.

What else is new? I’m surprisingly beat this morning, such is life I suppose. Yesterday in looking for a notebook to take notes from the New Master’s Academy videos I watch, the book I found had some old diary entries from about three years ago and I was talking about being sick. Maybe I was sick, but I feel like at that time there was a lot of “feeling sick” that now I’d think would be linked to depression. It’s almost like there was an idea in my head that I couldn’t do anything, but that’s ridiculous and no one would normally listen to it so my body or mind gave me this excuse. Part of me knows I could have pushed through what I was going through then because I feel like I push through it now. Life is tough and full of pain if you focus on it, but it can also be filled with beauty and satisfaction. We choose where to turn our attention even if it feels sometimes that we’re just animals responding to signals. Take news for example, because we’re in the age of click bait, many news organizations focus on the most outrageous stories and usually give a more outrageous headline. It leads to some people being surrounded by doom and gloom. They choose to keep seeking out those headlines when they might be able turn away and improve the way they feel. I hope this adds value, I’m just trying to keep myself oriented in the direction that’s best for me.

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