Let the Fireplace Blow

Alright lets get down to brass tax, I’m in Helen GA, it’s like a German town in the middle of the mountains. It’s a very weird place, I don’t know how to describe it. I guess my best attempt is quant German town meets Jersey shore because it is pretty touristy with t-shirt printers and lots of gift shops. I’m surprised how cheap the beer is. We went into a sort of comic shop where they sold armor and weapons, that was fun to look at. I gotta get some of that stuff some day, probably just a metal helmet so I can practice the diffusing of light as it rounds armor. I also bought my third cigar while exploring the main street. That’s been a fun hobby to start exploring. We’re also staying at a golf resort right now. Neither of us play golf, but Winnie(my dog) has been loving it. The weather was rainy and cold last night so no one has been out and Winnie has been running wild like a farm dog. I know it might not be the most moral thing to let him run on the golf course, but he didn’t do more damage than a group of people walking with spikes. We’ve got a nice little bungalow on the side of a hill too, here’s a picture from the back porch. It was awful driving up here last night because it was non stop rain with hairpin turns. It was the second time we’ve gone crazy in the car and the first was driving across Texas. I like to say a good test of a relationship is going on a road trip together. Everything is good between us though, we both recognize we were only grouchy because of the drive. It was funny cause after about an hour of driving I had to switch over to my wife and than after an hour she didn’t see a stop sign so we switched again. It was a really rough drive, but now that we’ve made it we can enjoy the beauty

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