Light in the Center of the Iris

From last weeks books

I’m doing pretty well today morning pages. The good news is last night I woke up in a terrible sweat, hopefully that meant I was sick and am now on the other side. I did wake up feeling pretty good. Here’s the thing though, last night was also the live drawing session. I knew to take art seriously I have to be going to that as much as I can, so internally a lot was riding on the experience just like a lot was riding on going to the library last week, the cafe and gallery this week. It’s been a pretty impressive week for an ole’ crumb bum like me. I can never know if I feel better today because I was relieved that the live drawing went well or because I really was sick, but like so many things in life it was probably both with even more variables.

Today was also cold and rainy, my favorite type of day and as planned I rode my bike to the library to draw. I had a good drawing session and was able to get through 2.4 (I calculated) pages of drawing. I’m coping every drawing in Bridgman. Only a couple weeks ago I would only get through a single drawing a day and not always that, today I probably did 10 and I gotta tell you they look a lot better than a couple weeks ago. I’m really excited for how things are going and very relaxed to know all I have to do is keep working. I have some sort of road map to follow and it puts my mind at ease. Another thing I’m doing with the library to entice me to keep going is last week I checked out two drawing books and this week I returned those and checked out two different books. This way I’m forced to consume them or miss the information they have, plus I’m constantly getting new information. Even if I accidentally get a lame duck, I’ll only have it for a week. I think it will keep my artistic mind open and flexible while learning a lot too.

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