A Warm Bath

Here I come sneaking in at the end of the wire. It’s 9:40 pm and I’m getting ready for bed. It was a fun weekend in Helen, GA but it’s time to get back to our lives. I love my wife very much and I’m grateful that she pushed me to go out this weekend. I realize that without that I would probably become more and more recluse. If I was accomplishing my goal I would also be doing less normal life in exchange for more drawing. I got some nice inking in today and this evening. I was really worried I wasn’t going to get my drawing in while we were out of town because with pretty much every hobby or interest once my recluse schedule gets broke, my interest is lost and I don’t want to go back to it. Thankfully I got home and got back on the horse studying and drawing. I opened up the two books I got from the library to random pages, just so I could have interesting things to study at any second if I look up. 

Since tomorrow should be a pretty normal Monday, I should be going to the gym when I wake up. Hopefully it’s painless, but only time will tell. I’ll try to work with myself if I need it, I don’t think I will though. I’ve been a chip chop chap lately. My gym membership with the YMCA is going to be up at the end of the month, so I have to check out the other gyms in town and join one if I want to have any hope of staying in shape. I could always trade the weights for running, but I don’t think I’d like to do that. Things should be pretty much the same in the gym, actually a bit of a change is welcome right now to keep my interest through the winter.

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