Cinco Geckos in Chinos

A sketch for a piece I’m still working on

I might watch The Pursuit of Happyness later. Yeah, I’m as surprised with the spelling of that title as you are. I hope it gives some motivation to keep pushing myself through whatever may come my way. I got the idea to watch it because I was listening to a motivational highlight reel while drawing and one of the speakers was the man the movie is based on. He said some good stuff, the take away was “I drove here”. He spoke about cleaning himself up in a public bathroom while waiting for the shelter to open and asked how he got to this point. He drove himself there. There was no mistake that his actions played a role in getting to that point. It’s important to remember when we are attracting good things and bad. I myself would like to attract dedication and patience. I’ve been thinking about this drawing trip I have coming up at the end of the month. I’m going to some tiny home in some mountains an hour away for two nights. My plan is for the only activity I have available to be drawing. I will eat, sleep, and draw. I’m sure I will somehow fail miraculously, but I’m certainly going to get some drawing done and will learn a lot from the experience. I should check out more library books for that weekend. I think I can check out 110 items at one time, which is insane. I had to renew my library card today. I hope that’s not an annual thing, but I can’t really complain for the quality and the price. I might take my bike to a bike shop tomorrow because I’d like it’s brakes to improve. I have no idea what I’m doing and would like the biking experience to be a lot better so this weekend I also took off some dead weight off the bike. The rack on the back of my bike actually broke while riding home from the library in the rain. Those types of miserable events are how I know I’m doing the right thing, it’s never easy.

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