Spaceship Earth

I spoke to Max just now, he’s a childhood friend of mine. In my dating profile for, that’s actually where I met my wife, I put that I like to spend time with my friend Max about life, the universe, and everything. She is a big fan of Hitchhikers guide, so the reference was a hit. Basically you can say I owe my marriage to Max. We were just on the phone and he said he was going to call me back in 10 minutes, I figured this would be a good time to muse on the sort of things we were saying to each other. I always say my relationship with people is that I think people only talk about themselves, so we say things about our lives, the other person hears it through a filter of their life and says something about their life which gets interpreted as the same topic. This is the beauty of words and language in general, you can say one thing and mean another. No one can tell you what you mean and you are not obligated to explain yourself. Some take this as an opportunity to say things at random, claiming that can be language too. I suppose it does, but I don’t think humans were meant to live like that.

Things are going well for me though, I’m accomplishing what I set out to, I’m dwelling on the past too much, I’m breaking and I’m building. I’m still here writing this blog so I guess that’s something good. I don’t know if it will say something bad the day I put it down, but part of me hopes I never put it down. Now my wife just got home and she brought Christmas cookies, I hope everyone is getting into the spirit of the season. Happy Winter Solstice if I forget to say it then

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