I’m Relaxing, I Think

Thumbnail assignment from NMA

I’ve got nothing to do until 6 pm tonight when I’m going to that live model drawing session. It’s exciting to be going back for my second week in a row. I wonder if they’ll have it next week because it’s the day after Christmas. I guess the day after Christmas doesn’t mean anything, my wife is working that day, all the stores have to be open to accept Christmas gift returns. Do you think gift receipts are a bit tongue and cheek, like if you have to give it with a receipt is it better to not give them a gift at all? Perhaps the gift receipt shows that it’s not the thought that counts. I almost got my wife a shirt semi for Christmas, but they were sold out of her size. Hopefully they make more in that size because I don’t really care for gifts, I have the belief that if I want something then I’ll get it and it’s unlikely anyone is going to keep up with the constant shifting of my wants and thoughts, add on top of that the need I feel to control my desires and not want things I don’t need. Regardless I would like to give my wife stuff she might like and it is nice to have a time of year that says, “Don’t you like your loved ones having nice things?” even if that voice is coming from corporate American greed.

I wish I could read A Christmas Carol this season, I love Dickens and actually just put a half read Tale of Two Cities away in my night stand dresser. The books were taking up too much room and I don’t have the time/energy for none art related reading right now. That idea is a little worrisome to me, is that a bad decision because I will be exposing myself to less of what the world has to offer or is it a necessity if I wish to be great at one thing that I must focus on it. I don’t have to only focus on art, but the longer I can sustain intense focus the more I will improve in that time.

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