My Mind has become an Illusion

We went exploring in the other rooms on the train

Here we are, we finally made it to the Adam of Christmas’ Eve. Interesting that those are both biblical names as well. I’ll have to check the etymology of Eve. It relates to “Even” meaning close to the day of. That also means we could be calling December 26th Christmas Eve, you know I like to do annoying things like that, but what purpose would it serve? I’ll just have a bunch of  people telling me it isn’t Christmas Eve and I’ll have to explain why I came to this conclusion and I’m already tired of the ordeal. Yesterday my wife and I had a lovely dinner on an old train. It was a lot of fun too because the train actually drove around, I think we went through at least one tunnel. During the experience we got so excited we started looking up train car vacations that we’d like to check out someday. I want to see the Canadian Rockies and I know my parents have always wanted to go on the train trip that goes across Canada, so I think that would be a fun trip to do with the four of us. Other than that not much happened yesterday, I spent a bunch of time in VR and I feel like my body has to get used to how the system is used. Primarily that I’m standing still for hours. Since I’m flat footed, I’m going to try playing while wearing my orthopedic shoes from now on. I got to connect with one of my real life friends on VR yesterday though, it was interesting because we basically had a phone call while we were playing our own games, then we played a couple of rounds of VR paint ball together. I can hear the system calling me back now.

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