He sees you when you’re sleeping

We went to Christmas lights at the zoo yesterday

Good morning pages, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Mine is going pretty well, I woke up around 7am without an alarm and got my drawing done, so I’m happy. I’m not too sore from my workout yesterday which is surprising. Since it’s the holidays and I’m switching gyms at the end of the month, my workouts have been more free flow. I’ll just hope on whatever machine I feel like. I’m still breaking the days up into pushing upper body, pulling upper body, and lower body. Yesterday was pulling, meaning back and biceps basically. Because the free flow is more enjoyable and I don’t have numbers in my head that I normally lift, I’ve been having some more strenuous workouts. Long time followers may remember that I’ve been turning away from intense workouts to allow for my body to stay at a healthy level of energy. If the workout takes too much of a toll and I can’t move for 48 hours, that’s a bad thing. These workouts lately have pushed myself as well as had my body recovering quickly. It’s great, I feel like my energy levels are finally starting to get where I’ve dreamed them of being. I can have my workouts and creative work regularly. You cannot believe the joy this brings me.

Last night I was going through my first couple morning pages. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t read my writing from the beginning of the year it’s because I started this activity on a word document, that evolved to a google doc so I could easily share with my wife, and now my blog. The point I’m getting to is the confidence writing these has given me this year. The first thing I wrote in that word doc was 10 times in a row saying, “I’m a brilliant and prolific painter.” It was an activity I was told to do while reading The Artist’s Way, but the emotional tone in the beginning was basically telling myself that I deserve to be happy. Everyone makes mistakes and I don’t think there are any so bad that they can’t be forgiven, and everyone deserves to be happy. I know sometimes the hardest person to convince of that is the self. Good Luck.

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