Holiday Pontification

They always warm up the crowd with an organ player

I’m up early this morning. The wife and I know we’ll be back to normal days soon so we gotta start getting back to our normal wake up time. Normally I would have snuck out to do my drawing, but my wife is awake too, so we’re laying in bed enjoying each other’s company for a bit. The dog is also asleep in between us, acting as a heater. Last night was fun, my wife’s mother and sister came over for Christmas. We had dinner, some presents, and I showed them the VR world before we went to this beautiful old theater down town to see National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. It was a sold out show so the crowd was a lot of fun. One family even dressed up as every character in the movie. I enjoy anytime I get to go to that theater and in about four hours we’re going back there to see a performance of the Nut Cracker. I’m sure that will be a lot of fun.

What’s considered classical or fine arts speak to me on a different level than they did when I was younger. I worry that I’m just pompous and do these things like see ballet or listen to classical music to appear smart, but I think there’s a level of depth there that we’re not being exposed to with pieces being created in modern times. If you think about it, these works have been around a long time and have gained approval from the proper authorities of each generation. I’m thinking of Shakespeare specifically now, compared to say Harry Potter, people have been saying Shakespeare is great for hundreds of years, we know taken out of it’s time, something in the art speaks to the soul on an infinite scale. Harry Potter may be popular now, but there may be writing techniques that when taken out of it’s time make the the piece fall apart. Probably not with Harry Potter because I believe the author has said a lot of the motifs were taken from the Bible which obviously has stood the test of time.

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