Merry Happy Holly

A new art installation at a local park

Alright, Christmas is over and we can all stop being cheerful. Time to crack the wipe, get to work and start looking out for ourselves. Maybe today I’ll go out and make a trolly comment on the internet. I wonder if part of the way people act on the internet is they think their space is a so small that it’s like peeing in the ocean. Maybe right here I made it dirty, but there’s so much water no one will ever see it. The difference lies in an argument I make that once something is digitized, it is no longer infinite. That’s why I think there’s a big difference between an oil painting and a photoshop painting. They may both be beautiful, but the fact is there’s a limit to how many colors and patterns photoshop can make. Theoretically a computer could print out every single image that’s possible to make in photoshop. An HD image is usually 300 pixels per inch and each pixel can only be a programmable number of colors. On the other hand, you could make an exact copy of an oil painting and they won’t be the same. Taking this argument to the extreme, you could look down at the atoms of the paint and see this cobalt blue goes one atom further than the copy. We could even take it further and say the spins of the atoms don’t line up, but you get the point. We can never fully replicate the infinite. How all this relates to what I’m saying about the internet and ocean metaphor is that the ocean has systems to clean itself, algae and fish. Creatures who take nastiness and clean it, when something nasty is created on the internet, it’s permanently recorded. When a person has a bad day or misunderstands, that’s permanent. People will deal with that permanence differently, some will accept their faults, but if I know humans the majority have trouble admitting when they’re wrong. Those people are forced to double down, to explain how their outburst was justified and it’s made for some strange times. I think the 2010’s will go down in history as a strange time where people were still figuring out how to handle the internet.

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