The apple of my adams

I’ve begun the house hunting process. Today I went to view some houses with a realtor and am working on submitting an offer. I’m writing this while I go back and forth with the realtor through text, he’s writing up my offer. I have a similar feeling to last time we were looking at a house. When I’m doing things that feel best to me, I feel like I get the most push back from the them. I remember hearing to get your own realtor because if you use the seller’s one, they might not have your best interest at heart. I don’t think anyone who makes money from me spending money will ever have my interest at heart. I don’t want to spend money and they would benefit from me spending more. The whole process drives me nuts because I know they’re filling in the blanks on a pre made legal document. Sure, the initial writing of the document is work, work that I disagree with and would rather be allowed to do myself, but I’ll submit that it’s work. What I see the realtors doing is click an empty box and type the number I told them, that I can definitely do myself; they’re just getting in the way. Charge me for the inconvenience while passive aggressively pushing me in deeper. Maybe a realtor will read this and take offense, I’m not talking about you, you’re one of the good ones. We used to be able to enter into agreement with each other and in theory we can and only people can, but the system is so twisted in order to create money out of nothing. I’m very frustrated about this because it makes me tired and gets in the way of my life. Since when is buying a house apart of life?

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