Early Rising for Easy Raving

Get some rest pup

Were that these writings be a journal or an exercise in creativity. I supposed they’re just a place for me to dump an overflow of thoughts. I did some stretching last night that I would like to make routine. The idea being similar to this writing, that I move my muscles and it pushes any excess out of the system. This writing is different than just stretching because something is left on the table afterwards, specifically the words I’ve used. I can say writing this doesn’t matter so I’ll just put down anything and sometimes I do, but that is also saying that I don’t matter because these words are me. Nearly everyday I’m faced with a thought that this is the last thing I’ll ever write and I better say everything I want people to know, I’ve done that so many times that the list of things people must hear is growing quiet long. Maybe a lesson people should learn is there is only love. If an action is done without or in conflict with love, I doubt it should be done. It’s a hard nut to crack because hitting person A to defend person B is done with love for person B, but the hitting is not done with love. Should everyone be a pacifist and allow themselves to be walked all over? I might say so, but who’s going to swallow that pill. I think the pacifist is happier being a pacifist than the average person is when they slug a baddie. Perhaps violence is like cursing, it shows a lack of vocabulary. I like to think of violence not only as hitting, but an eruption of energy. In my previous scenario, there is overwhelming lover for person B, so a reaction to protect them comes forward in the mind without thinking. We have few choices before us when we’re not thinking.

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