Hand in the Honey Pot

Thanks for joining me. Today was a wild day. Not in the sense that anything worth noting happened, but rather my head was a swirl. I was sort of fighting with my friend Brad and wife, but not real fights. I feel cooped up and annoyed at everything around me, so I threw a little tantrum. Then I needed to take a nap around lunch time. Now My wife and I are watching Winnie the Pooh cartoons while listening to jazz, and that’s dandy with me. On the business side of things, I went to the hardware store to get a visual of the materials I’d be working with to make my farm. I needed to walk through the aisles and take a mental inventory of what is out there, took notes on the price of items I’ll need in the future, and most importantly I could see how pieces will come together. It’s got me very excited because the prices of getting everything on my wish list would be well within my budget. Patience is still my most valuable commodity. The slower I take things, the more effective I’ll be and more cost effective. Next step is to draw a schematic for my outhouse. I suppose it doesn’t need to be a schematic, but the better job I do with the first drawing, the better future drawings will be. I’m gonna need to be exact in the future too, I’ve been studying rafters and boi are they a pain. I think I’ve got a major concept of the roof and rafter figured out, the good and bad news is that basically I have to build two roofs. That’s good for structure and longevity, bad because of cost and work. That’s later on down the road though, I’ve already decided my outhouse will have a flat roof.

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