Good to see ya again

Autumn fern frond

Today is going pretty well. I cooked up a pizza and will eat that, then I’ll have a lot more energy. I put my turnips in the ground. They had grown their first set of true leaves, so there’s a good chance some will survive, but I shouldn’t have put them all in the ground. I’ve been a total fool. I’ll have to start a new one and watch it’s growth to adulthood alone. I also put some more corn in dirt, but my first corn still hasn’t sprouted, so it got me a little worried. There’s still plenty of seeds, but I think I’ll move the first batch into the green house so it’s getting plenty of sunlight when the seeds open. Those corn seeds are like a ticking time bomb, when they sprout, I’ll have about two weeks to deconstruct the greenhouse, move out all the plants, and mulch the area the green house was in. I’ve also got to start saving up cardboard to lay down before the mulch to help deweed the area. While planting the turnips I had to break through the eyeball fungus, I posted a picture of it a little while back. I’ve become accustomed to sticking my hands into dirt, but a hand full of fungus was a bit of a shock. That reminded me that I don’t have any more plant photos, so as soon as I’m done typing this, I’ll run out to the greenhouse to get a picture of a new fern frond. Funny story, while walking the dog on a new street I saw a house that had nice curtains on the porch and was staring at them, then I noticed a girl in a hammock staring at me staring at her. I told her I liked the curtains, but by then I had also noticed their ferns, and complimented them as well.

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