Silly Hill

Orchid flowers coming soon

I’m doing much better today, though the days are still wacky as they are for everyone. I finally got my wife’s old car out of the driveway, now we can use that again. It was a frustrating ordeal probably made more frustrating by the time of the world which we did it in. I was using some cord for towing and the car got into a valley then the cord I had been using wasn’t able to pull the car up hill without snapping. I had to switch to 550 cord and I quadrupled it up to keep that from breaking. You can bet when I’m done with writing this, I’m ordering a tow strap. That whole situation would have avoided a headache if I had the proper equipment. I know this by now that having the proper tools for a situation completely change things. It goes from head aches and problem solving to problem solved, let’s relax with a drink. I thought I had learned this lesson already, but I’m going to be learning it a lot as time goes on. I remember standing in the store looking at tow straps, but was too cheap and now I’m kicking myself. Anyway, I got the car moved out and was able to jump it with my truck, then I drove it around. It would be great if that solved all the problems. I’ll try to remember to drive it a little tonight to make sure it can still start itself, then we’ll sell it as soon as we can. I was thinking about those houses you see with cars, RVs, boats, whatever big heaps of metal are sitting on their lawn and I never want to go closer to that than we did with this car. These things are way too big to be put on the “I’ll get around to it” list.

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