Crazily in a haze he stays in holiday in

Baby grapes

I’m getting better at predicting the future. The longer I live, the more accurate I think I’ll get. Granted that assumes I keep collecting knowledge like I have been, but I seem to spend more time learning than ever before. Having knowledge also allows for symbiosis with other ideas or building on the old to create new. There is no shortcut on the path of learning. An attitude I find in myself lately is when I’ll notice something feels difficult I’ll reassure myself that I’m not good at that thing because it’s new to me and that I’m going to have to learn what a good technique feels and looks like. Once I forgive myself for making mistakes, my brain switches into learning mode and I’m gifted with a special brain to where I can learn like Neo in the Matrix. The hard part is convincing people to let me start swinging a hammer. 

I can’t believe we’re just in waiting limbo for the house right now. Think about this concept, if I’m truly waiting for an inspector to get around to my house, that means that market can afford to hire more inspectors. I’d also like to add that the market is at historic lows, so what are the odds the inspectors have a backlog of houses to look at. I bet tomorrow we’ll hear from house people and the way they speak is like, “We need this thing right now, or your whole life will fall apart.” Well maybe that’s just me being dramatic, but it feels that way to me, so I think, “Why didn’t you contact me as soon as you found out?” I’ve been waiting on you. They’re treating life like a job, don’t work a job unless it fulfills you enough to live it. I wanna get stuff done, whatever that means, I’m ready.

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