Take back the fat stacks

The now gone cactus flower

This morning has been pretty good. I got all of my chores out of the way early. I mowed the lawn, walked the dog, and even emptied the fridge of all the expired food. Today I separated more cuttings from my fiddle leaf because I want it to be a long slender tree, so all the new branches that grow have got to go. My neighbor shouted over the fence for some help to straighten it up, so I pulled the fence straight and he screwed it into a board to keep it in place. Oh, while mowing the lawn there was a horrible tragedy. I use an electric mower as should most people because there’s a statistic that more oil is spilled every year by Americans trying to pour it into their lawn mowers than by all of the major oil companies. Anyway, the cord for the lawn mower bumped my cactus flower. I had the cactus in a sunny spot to get the flower to open up wide and then I could take a photo of it, but now it’s gone. I do have a photo of the flower, but it’s could have been way prettier. I did get a ton of good plant and bug photos today though. I’ve been collecting so many plant photos that yesterday I started up my instagram to unload them all. I don’t know if I’ll keep up with it after I’ve caught up, but I’m happy to put them out in the world. I was actually thinking lately that I should get those photos online somewhere because my phone has been getting really slow and if it dies I don’t want to lose any pictures. Like my cactus flower, all things are only bump away from falling off. That’s ok though, I think the photos are mostly saved online.

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