Watching these birds on the sky, I can see why

Fuji apple

Today’s been going well, after I woke up and did my breakfast chores I fought the urge to get back in bed and instead started reading my house building book. I really enjoyed reading this morning, it did take a minute to get set up. I think I sat down and got comfy only to realize I forgot something three times. That’s what new habits are like though, I’ve got to work the kinks out and there were very few. I’m still reading about roofs, but there’s a concept that I didn’t know existed which is there’s an opening under the roof outside that connects to the inside of the house. The idea is for air flow, otherwise moisture would do more damage, but I never knew this part of the house existed. That’s probably what keeps me so enthralled with the process, that all my life I’ve been living in houses and there is so much I never noticed. I remember writing to myself before that I wanted to be a artist because it forced me to see more of the world, thus making my world bigger. I pray for safe travel, but my world is about to be limitless. I keep thinking about how I’m going to make the food forest. Obviously unwanted plants are going to sneak in, but my strategy is to lay down several sheets of plywood to kill off the grass and weeds underneath. After a little time in the darkness, I’ll remove the plywood in the center and replace it with cardboard. I’ll sprinkle a little mulch on the cardboard and then lay down any seeds I want. After that I’ll add a couple inches of mulch and I’ll have my first forest patch. Then of course I’ll got crazy planting more.

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