So blah for slasa

We sold the car! Yesterday I got a new battery for the car and today we took it to some big box store and they bought it. We were offered more than we were expecting, so it was nice and easy. I’m extremely grateful for living a life that constantly makes me happy. The money for the car wasn’t even a big deal, but the relief of this big object is worth the world. All last Winter that car was a headache because the battery was dead and it was blocking the drive way. We were waiting until after Winter to sell it when the disaster happened, then we had to wait until stores reopened. There was also something I felt during the winter that made the car seem scarier. I was afraid to touch the car and I felt like I had the same problem with getting my wife’s oil changed recently. These machines aren’t as complicated as we’re told they are. I mean they’re extraordinary machines, but all that work is figured out long before it’s assembled. My end of ownership would only be assembling and disassembling the magnificently engineered pieces. I actually look forward to the next oil change because I will level up in cars. I leveled up in shaving today. Recently I started shaving with a straight razor and today was my fifth attempt with the new razor, but the first time I didn’t get any cuts. It’s all about self efficiency, figuring out how pieces work together and then I don’t need an expert. There are manuals and textbooks written on every subject. With Youtube and the internet, all knowledge is out there for the person willing to do the leg work. Reading my housebuilding book has reminded me of studying anatomy in college because I’m having to remember all these new terms.

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