Beautiful Abundance

I’m writing this from the green house, there was a big storm that ended about an hour ago and now I’m under attack of mosquitos. I’ve wondered if the food forest has been good for bugs in general, I try to provide better stuff to eat than me. We also got word that the inspection of the new house has been completed. Things are moving along and it’s so crazy, I love it. I’m very grateful for everything I have in life and hopefully act in a way that is deserving of it. I can’t wait to start moving, this will be the first time in my life I’ll be excited to move. Hopefully it ends up being the last time I move; wouldn’t that be lovely. A little place of Earth to call my own. I watched a video today of a guy digging out his basement. When he redid the floor, he put a time capsule in the concrete. I think that’s a good idea to consider because you have no idea who will ever see the contents of the capsule. If it’s somewhere on my land I suspect I’ll be long dead before anyone has a chance to know the time capsule exists. I just realized that this is a time capsule. My whole life documented by myself one day at a time. That gives me the urge to throw up, maybe because it make me feel very human. These days are finite. I don’t know how I got so interested in plants. It was something that was always in me even at a young age, but I never saw this happening. I don’t even know how I got so many plants, they kept accumulating and I see each one as a challenge and when the plant dies, I lose. I don’t want to lose, not to a stupid plant.

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