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Good morning sunshine, today is Monday and that marks a new opportunity to be better. I ate my healthy breakfast already and after this will go for a run. I think the run will be the hardest thing I have to do today. I’m considering fixing my binoculars, they got out of focus when I went to the beach recently. It’s so hard to do anything more than wait for the house. I try to keep busy with other activities, but nothing is as exciting as that. I’m told there’s a bunch of craziness going on in the world, but it’s just another war. My stance for awhile has been to oppose all wars, even if that means you’re killed by someone that wants to start a war. A quote from the the movie Troy, “War is old men talking and young men dying.” If the Trojan war did take place, it was probably over 3,000 years ago. I can feel it though, the conflicts that are taking place now will settle all our differences and from here on out people will only be peaceful with each other. People are quick to say, “Don’t cover shooting because it celebritizes the shooter.” Then of course they go on to watch videos of protests, riots, and police brutality. There’s no way the footage being aired on screens across the globe today could be setting us up for 10 more years of monkey see, monkey do, right? If you don’t watch the news when they show violence, then they’ll stop showing it; it’s good for ratings. Then we have footage of people fighting on 24/7 stations, watching angry people doesn’t calm you down. I’m nearing completion of my studying that’s been going on for 30 years and includes more than a million test subjects and the data is looking like watching scary things makes people scared.

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