Follow a frog for grog

I’ve got one shot to do this, fingers don’t fail me now. Today has been pretty cool, the sunflower that’s growing in my front yard opened for the first time. It’s got a beautiful color that I wasn’t expecting, I don’t know if it will last. I get so excited watching plants grow, it’s more like a class in biology to me though. I study the phases of flowers and stems, what new leafs look like. For some reason I can’t get enough of this stuff, maybe because there’s an endless amount to be learned and it’s all bedrock knowledge. By that I mean, it’s all verifiable by reaching my hands out and touching it, that’s how you can tell something is true. Well in philosophy it’s not enough, but that’s why plants are better for my head than philosophy. The path to nihilism gobbles me up quickly in philosophy. Studying plants leads to me eating healthier, getting sun, and wanting to take photos. Still if there’s something to be learned out there, I want to know it. I can’t wait for the new house, I can hear sirens now and our back yard neighbors shouting at each other, soon it will be silent. I joke about never seeing another person again and there’s a scary amount of truth in that sentence because deliveries are so stream lined and every company has to offer shipping, usually for free, if they’re going to compete with amazon. I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons to call them an evil company, but it’s an example of why competition in good. I remember paying $15 for shipping and handling on every delivery. That was back when I had to borrow my parent’s credit card to buy something online. Thank goodness those days are over and I can’t wait until all delivery fees are gone. I want all “fees” gone, as in itemizations. Tell me the real cost and I’ll tell you if I’ll pay it.

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