Almighty culminating in an M-80

It’s around lunch time now, I don’t know how I forgot to write this earlier. I ran yesterday and maybe dieted a little low on calories, so I’m feeling pretty low on energy today. I also had a bad night’s sleep, it was the sort of sleep I get when I don’t eat enough. I wonder how dramatic I am, it wasn’t a bad night, but I didn’t sleep through the night so by the purpose of sleep it would be bad. I don’t want to be complaining because the sleep felt really good and I’ve been un-depressingly happy lately. When I woke up in the middle of the night, the feeling is more like excited to consciously be under the covers in a cool, dark room. The down side is the dread of waking up just before your alarm goes off.

 In the Army, there has to be people on guard at all times. At night it’s usually one hour per person because there’s only 8-16 guys to cover a shift anyway. The worst guard shifts were probably starting two hours after you could go to sleep or wake up for guard three hours before everyone wakes up. After I became a sergeant I was the one who made the guard lists. If there were eight guys that I out-ranked, I wouldn’t even need to be on guard. Often I would still put myself on guard, but I would take the hour before wake up. I usually showed up to work an hour early to get ready for the day anyway. If first formation was at 7:00 AM, I still had work that needed to be submitted before 6:30 AM everyday. It’s so wild to think about those days, and I’m honestly thankful to wake up early to make Mary’s breakfast because it gives me something to do. I need tasks, even if they’re as mundane as, “check these boxes and return the paper”.

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